Here you can find some usefull script (they works on 4.1 and 4.2)
To install them copy and paste the code to the file autoexec.cfg, inside the folder q3ut4
Want to add your custom script? Contact service@sniperjum.com

set normalknife "set nextMode vstr fastknife; ut_echo ^3:^2{^7Per^5}^3:^5Normal^7Knife; bind MOUSE1 +attack"
set fastknife "set nextMode vstr normalknife; ut_echo ^3:^2{^7Per^5}^3:^2Fast^7Knife; bind MOUSE1 vstr knifeclick"
set nextMode "vstr fastknife"
// Every '+attack; -attack; wait 6;' it another automatic click, you can change the delay('wait 6') or add/remove clicks set knifeclick "+attack; -attack; wait 6; +attack; -attack; wait 6; +attack; -attack; wait 6; +attack; -attack; wait 6; +attack; -attack;wait 6; +attack; -attack;wait 6; +attack; -attack"
// Click 'z' to toggle between fast/normal knife (you can change 'z' with another key)
bind z "vstr nextMode"

set normalsr8 "set nextMode vstr fastsr8; ut_echo ^3:^2{^7Per^5}^3:^5Normal^7Sr8; bind MOUSE1 +attack"
set fastsr8 "set nextMode vstr normalsr8; ut_echo ^3:^2{^7Per^5}^3:^6Fast^7Sr8; bind MOUSE1 +attack; -attack; weapprev; wait 2; weapnext"
set nextMode "vstr fastsr8"
// Click 'z' to toggle between fast/normal sr8 (you can change 'z' with another key)
bind z "vstr nextMode"

//Special settings for viewing demos
set com_cameramode "1"

// Playback Controls
bind / "vstr normals_toggle" // Toggle Normals on display
bind LEFTARROW "vstr set_speed_minus" // Slow Down Time Scale
bind DOWNARROW "toggle cl_freezeDemo; ut_echo ^7[^4Pause^7]" // Pause
bind RIGHTARROW "vstr set_speed_plus" // Fast Forward (speed up time scale)
bind SHIFT "vstr 3rd_toggle" // Toggle Record AVI
bind PGDN "vstr incrange" // Back up from Character in 3rd person View
bind PGUP "vstr decrange" // Get closer to character in 3rd person view
bind END "vstr incangle" // Move Clockwise arround character in 3rd person view
bind HOME "vstr decangle" // Move Counter Clockwize around character in 3rd person view bind F10 "vstr record_AVI" // Record AVI movie--suggest setting to your normal record demo key

// Show Normals Toggle by <taggedzi>
set normals_on "set r_shownormals 1; ut_echo ^7[^4Show Normals ^2ON^7]; set normals_toggle vstr normals_off"
set normals_off "set r_shownormals 0; ut_echo ^7[^4Show Normals ^1OFF^7]; set normals_toggle vstr normals_on"
set normals_toggle "vstr normals_on"

// First/Third Toggle by <taggedzi>
set 3rd_on "set cg_thirdperson 1; wait 15; ut_echo ^7[^4Third-person perspective^7]; set 3rd_toggle vstr 3rd_off"
set 3rd_off "set cg_thirdperson 0; wait 15; ut_echo ^7[^4First-person perspective^7]; set 3rd_toggle vstr 3rd_on"
set 3rd_toggle "vstr 3rd_on" //set default

// AVI Demo Record Toggle by <taggedzi>, modified by iynque
set cl_aviMotionJpeg "1" // keeps files from being huge
set cl_aviframerate "25" // Sets frame rate to 25 fps
set record_AVI_start "video; wait 15; set record_AVI vstr record_AVI_stop; cg_smoothclients 1; ut_echo ^7[^4AVI video ^2RECORDING^7]; play sound/items/itemon.wav"
set record_AVI_stop " set record_AVI vstr record_AVI_start; cg_smoothclients 0; ut_echo ^7[^4AVI video ^1STOPPED^7]; play sound/items/itemoff.wav; wait 15; stopvideo"
set record_AVI "vstr record_AVI_start"

// Control Third Person Range by <nexu>, modified by iynque
set null "play sound\misc\menu4.wav"
set ra000 "cg_thirdPersonRange 000; set incrange vstr ra020; set decrange vstr null; ut_echo ^7[^4Range ^8|^4---------------^7]"
set ra020 "cg_thirdPersonRange 020; set incrange vstr ra040; set decrange vstr ra000; ut_echo ^7[^4Range -^8|^4--------------^7]"
set ra040 "cg_thirdPersonRange 040; set incrange vstr ra060; set decrange vstr ra020; ut_echo ^7[^4Range --^8|^4-------------^7]"
set ra060 "cg_thirdPersonRange 060; set incrange vstr ra080; set decrange vstr ra040; ut_echo ^7[^4Range ---^8|^4------------^7]"
set ra080 "cg_thirdPersonRange 080; set incrange vstr ra100; set decrange vstr ra060; ut_echo ^7[^4Range ----^8|^4-----------^7]"
set ra100 "cg_thirdPersonRange 100; set incrange vstr ra120; set decrange vstr ra080; ut_echo ^7[^4Range -----^8|^4----------^7]"
set ra120 "cg_thirdPersonRange 120; set incrange vstr ra140; set decrange vstr ra100; ut_echo ^7[^4Range ------^8|^4---------^7]"
set ra140 "cg_thirdPersonRange 140; set incrange vstr ra160; set decrange vstr ra120; ut_echo ^7[^4Range -------^8|^4--------^7]"
set ra160 "cg_thirdPersonRange 160; set incrange vstr ra180; set decrange vstr ra140; ut_echo ^7[^4Range --------^8|^4-------^7]"
set ra180 "cg_thirdPersonRange 180; set incrange vstr ra200; set decrange vstr ra160; ut_echo ^7[^4Range ---------^8|^4------^7]"
set ra200 "cg_thirdPersonRange 200; set incrange vstr ra220; set decrange vstr ra180; ut_echo ^7[^4Range ----------^8|^4-----^7]"
set ra220 "cg_thirdPersonRange 220; set incrange vstr ra240; set decrange vstr ra200; ut_echo ^7[^4Range -----------^8|^4----^7]"
set ra240 "cg_thirdPersonRange 240; set incrange vstr ra260; set decrange vstr ra220; ut_echo ^7[^4Range ------------^8|^4---^7]"
set ra260 "cg_thirdPersonRange 260; set incrange vstr ra280; set decrange vstr ra240; ut_echo ^7[^4Range -------------^8|^4--^7]"
set ra280 "cg_thirdPersonRange 280; set incrange vstr ra300; set decrange vstr ra260; ut_echo ^7[^4Range --------------^8|^4-^7]"
set ra300 "cg_thirdPersonRange 300; set incrange vstr null; set decrange vstr ra280; ut_echo ^7[^4Range ---------------^8|^4^7]"
set incrange "vstr ra000"
set decrange "vstr null"

// Control Third Person Angle by <nexu>, modified by iynque
set an000 "cg_thirdPersonAngle 000; set incangle vstr an045; set decangle vstr an315; ut_echo ^7[^4Angle ^)| ^2Front^7]"
set an045 "cg_thirdPersonAngle 045; set incangle vstr an090; set decangle vstr an000; ut_echo ^7[^4Angle ^)/ ^2Front^4-^5Right^7]"
set an090 "cg_thirdPersonAngle 090; set incangle vstr an135; set decangle vstr an045; ut_echo ^7[^4Angle ^)- ^5Right^7]"
set an135 "cg_thirdPersonAngle 135; set incangle vstr an180; set decangle vstr an090; ut_echo ^7[^4Angle ^)\ ^8Back^4-^5Right^7]"
set an180 "cg_thirdPersonAngle 180; set incangle vstr an225; set decangle vstr an135; ut_echo ^7[^4Angle ^)| ^8Back^7]"
set an225 "cg_thirdPersonAngle 225; set incangle vstr an270; set decangle vstr an180; ut_echo ^7[^4Angle ^)/ ^8Back^4-^6Left^7]"
set an270 "cg_thirdPersonAngle 270; set incangle vstr an315; set decangle vstr an225; ut_echo ^7[^4Angle ^)- ^6Left^7]"
set an315 "cg_thirdPersonAngle 315; set incangle vstr an000; set decangle vstr an270; ut_echo ^7[^4Angle ^)\ ^2Front^4-^6Left^7]"
set incangle "vstr an045"
set decangle "vstr an315"

// TimeScale Slider by <taggedzi>, modified by iynque
set speed_00 "cl_freezeDemo 1; timescale 0.01; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x0.00 ^6|^4........^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_01; set set_speed_minus play sound\misc\menu4.wav"
set speed_01 "cl_freezeDemo 0; timescale 0.10; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x0.10 ^6|^4........^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_02; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_00"
set speed_02 " timescale 0.25; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x0.25 ^6|^4........^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_03; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_01"
set speed_03 " timescale 0.50; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x0.50 ^6|^4........^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_04; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_02"
set speed_04 " timescale 0.75; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x0.75 ^6|^4........^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_05; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_03"
set speed_05 " timescale 1.00; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x^21.00 ^4.^6|^4.......^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_06; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_04"
set speed_06 " timescale 1.25; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x1.25 .^6|^4.......^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_07; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_05"
set speed_07 " timescale 1.50; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x1.50 .^6|^4.......^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_08; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_06"
set speed_08 " timescale 2.00; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x2.00 ..^6|^4......^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_09; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_07"
set speed_09 " timescale 4.00; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x4.00 ....^6|^4....^7]; set set_speed_plus vstr speed_10; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_08"
set speed_10 " timescale 8.00; ut_echo ^7[^4Time scale x8.00 ........^6|^4^7]; set set_speed_plus play sound\misc\menu4.wav; set set_speed_minus vstr speed_09"
set set_speed_plus "vstr speed_06"
set set_speed_minus "vstr speed_04"

//created by iynque
ut_echo ^7[^4iy_demoset.cfg loaded^7];echo iy_demoset.cfg loaded

// In urt you can medic and then reload at the same time so why not to make them to 1 key?
ut_echo "ut_echo ^3:^2{^7Per^5}^3:ReloadMedic"
// change 'r' if you have other button for reload & medic
bind r "+button6; wait 2; -button6; +button5; -button5"