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Clan name is a fusion between "Sniper" and "Jumper". For us, Sr8 requires jump skills (unless u are a NewBCamPer!)
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SniPerJumTry to not jump down on the DeathRun [MOD] Server!
SniPerJumTry our GunMoney [MOD] Server and earn all the money you can!
SniPerJumCheck out our LowGrav Server in the awesome Cube maps!
SniPerJumShow your skill with Sr8 and kill everybody!
SniPerJumShow your skill with Sr8 and kill everybody in our new sr8 server!
SniPerJumPlay on our cool Jump maps!
SniPerJumKill all the zombies and earn money in the ZombMoney [MOD] Server!
New server setup!

Posted by R3V1S0R on 03 May 2018
Here i present you our new server setup: Sr8 Only Cube LowGrav PerMix (a little surprise ^^)

There is still work in progress (especially for PerMix) and MANY things will change, but still, that is our starting point. Im thinking about adding a jump server as well (if you are interested, message me and provide some ideas and maps for that. Just copying the old one would be kinda boring, right?)

If you have any suggestions for the servers (especially PerMix), please take a look at this thread
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All game-servers shutdown

Posted by R3V1S0R on 24 Jul 2017
Hello everyone,
we decided to shut all game-servers down. We will need some time for preparation and then we will go back online. Please be patient, the servers will be back (in 4.3) some day.

In the mean time feel free to make suggestions for the reboot.
Any ideas for servers/events/changes? I will make a post to discuss these things tomorrow.
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Urgent need for money :/

Posted by R3V1S0R on 15 Jul 2017
Hey guys. You see the title. I guess i dont have to explain it :/
Our balance is close to 0. To keep the servers up and running we need some donations.
It would be nice if you could consider it.

Vega just donated another 10$ to keep us alive for a few more weeks, but we gonna need more.
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Support the community!

Posted by R3V1S0R on 28 Jan 2017
As a clan we are proud to offer 4 urbanterror game servers, one teamspeak server and of course the website and this forums on our domain.
This fills us with satisfaction since we do it for the game and the community. (You guys are great!! :) )

Unfortunately all this stuff is not for free. And we are short on money right now :/
Would be great if you could help us a little bit, if you can afford it.
On our website on the top right corner there is the button which leads to the donation form. This will help us to stay alive! Thanks to everyone who does so.

EDIT: Vega just payed for next month, so you dont need to extremely hurry, but still it would be nice.
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4.3 Test server online!!

Posted by R3V1S0R on 16 Oct 2016
We are running a test right now.
It is sr8 only (with normal stamina [and yes, i can not change that...]).
Feel free to connect and pls report bugs/ideas. (@First one to do so: pls open a specific topic for that)

Pls note, that it really just is a test. We did not exchange zombmoney4.2 for the sr8_4.3 server, we just wanna see how it is...
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Zomb server temporarily down

Posted by R3V1S0R on 16 Oct 2016
As the topic says, i had to shut down our zombeyMoney gameserver down for a while.
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