The History of the Clan
Everything started long time ago, when I was part of the [SnP] (SprayNPray) clan.
I left because I didn’t get along with the leader and founder and decided to create my own clan with Ston’s help (Ston was a fulladmin at SnP, we were good friends and he also didn’t like the founder).
Around September 2012, I started to make our website, I have always loved Sr8 and Ston has always been playing at Jumping servers, that’s why our clan’s name is SniPer + JumPer = SniPerJum.
Concerning the tag I first wanted to make a hierarchy (using “–“, “:”, “=” and stuff) but due to tag protection stuff, I decided to leave it just with “:”. We also made a vote to decide if we were going to use {} or [], {} won :D.

October-November 2012: I finished the website. We had around 3 members, Onil, Kurokei (great old friends from other server) & Rilo (who left SnP a few months later than Ston). We started to look for a server hoster, the {SL} (SecretLegion) clan provided us our first server, :{Per}:Cubes (a server with cube maps only), but I didn’t like them too much (they only wanted to ruin us) so I decided to leave their services and contacted to [2s2h] (2steps2hell) clan leaders, n3m3s1s and Zamy who rented us 2 servers, :{Per}: CubesLowGrav and :{Per}: MediumJumPer. We also had a third server, :{Per}: BoxtrotSr8, provided by Onil (who became our Co-Founder), Boxtrot has always been the clan’s favourite map so we won most of our scrims thanks to our skill at this map.

December 2012 -April 2013: Kurokei made our first logo! Thanks to Zamy, I learnt many useful things about Linux and UrT servers back-end (and also, I learnt how b3 works and started to experiment with it). So I felt ready to start our own way and rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Onil made the whole configuration of the VPS (heh, I remember us having a veeery long TeamViewer session for this) and run our first “homemade” servers, :{Per}: CubesLowGrav, :{Per}: MediumJumPer and :{Per}: Sr8 Rewards (my first mod :D ). Ston left the clan for personal reasons but we also recruited new members like Joke, Pho3n!x (Bumblebee), Genesis, Wlad, donna and Vega (I spent ages to convince him and finally he joined us :D:D).

Summer 2013: The [2s2h] clan died, they had a great server, [2s2h] Cube02 only LowGrav (one of the first servers I played and where I met Kuro, Onil, Vega, Rambo and R3V1S0R), so we decided to continue this awesome server and made our own :{Per}:Cube02LowGrav. Also, I made the :{Per}:Guns[MOD] server (that became very popular). We started to rent servers to pay our VPS and bought the www.sniperjum.com domain.

September 2013 – April 2014: :{Per}: ZombMoney server: A guy contacted me cause the {ZL} (ZombieLegion, a sub-clan of {SL}) clan sold him a broken Money mod. And with Skill’s help (Skill was a [PRKL] member and [2s2h] admin that helped us with many things), we fixed and improved the mod. :{Per}: GunMoney server: Once we made the ZombMoney server, I decided to merge GunS with Money, so I improved both plugins and created the GunMoney server. Many things happened, we started to get very popular, Vega became our co-founder, Genesis made a new logo for the clan, I developed some new mods and plugins (like GunGame mod, UltraAdmin, WeaponRecords, BotMapsUrT plugins…), Frozen Sand made UrT 4.2 and closed 4.1 so we started to move our servers to 4.2. I met Z3nny, who gave us his awesome Z3nMod that allowed us to keep our mods at 4.2 and finally, I made the :{Per}: Deathrun 4.2 server, that now is our most popular server and we became the 3rd best UrT clan at Gametracker’s ranking.

April 22, 2014: I decided to leave UrT temporally due to personal reasons so I appointed a Leaders head to take care of the different parts of clan’s management under Vega’s leadership.

Spring 2014: When LouK left, he gave the power and responsibility of leading the clan to a Leaderboard of members chosen by him. Those were Vega, Joke, Kuro and me. Even if the leaving of LouK was a great loss, we would not let the clan die. So we went new ways and continued. Vega developed a very great tool, the admin panel, which makes it much easier to keep track of whats happening, monitoring the servers and allows it to perform admin actions without connecting to the server in Urban Terror. (Great job!) And we got some new members, namely Warlord, Topfox and Nadja.

September - December 2014: The new website went online. Thanks to Sh1omi who invested a lot of time but it was absolutely worth it as the result is fantastic. The old design is conserved (and still looks as good as always) but the internal structure is now painless and everything is easy to find, and there is a consistent way for all the things. Byebye 4.1! And now even we closed our last server running with 4.1 (ZombMoney), and got everything running with 4.2. It was a tough decision, as it is always hard to go away from something conveniently known and instead adapt to something new, but it was the right choice. We gained a lot of new active players when we made the switch and overall the new version had its qualities. Zombmoney was the last Server that ran with 4.1 but we adjusted it to 4.2 and after some slight problems, Vega managed to make it running fine. That was the time when Puuce and Rexxxie decided to rejoin the clan and be again part of this great community.

Spring 2015: We became more popular, since we played a lot of scrims at that time and so we got some new members: Nightmare, Juggernaut and Exdeath. Vega wrote his first mod! This was a big step for us because not only were we no longer dependent on outside people (like z3nny) and were now self sufficient regarding clients, but also Vegas mod is much lighter meaning it uses less RAM, improving the overall performance. Vega was and is constantly improving the mod finding and fixing bugs (and yes there were many) and investing a lot of time in it to make it as perfect as possible. At the beginning we had some difficulties adjusting everything to it but thanks to Vegas continuous and hard work we could solve all / most of them.

Summer - Autumn 2015: WarLord set up a Minecraft server for the PerClan and everybody was invited to use it. Also Phoenix (BumbleBee), Joke and Donna used our clantag in CoD to spread our name amongst players even from other games. We were sad to announce that Kurokei is no longer in the leaderboard of Per. But he will still be in a senior admin position and we will value his opinion regarding important internal decisions in the clan. The position was assumed by Sh1omi who was promoted into the leader board. We all appreciate his creativity and programming skills and are happy about this decision as he is a good addition to the team. Juriska, Bladewalker and sonic_wolf joined SniPerjum and donna and Nadja decided to come back to us.

Spring 2016: I finally got some more time to spare and i used it to do my job as one of the leaders more actively and properly. Unfortunately, not everyone got this lucky. Joke decided to resign his position as one of the leaders due to inactivity. Now Vega is working heavily on his second mod (hopefully stable and with only a few bugs^^). We will see what the future will bring us.

Long live The Sni:{Per}:Jum clan!
Thanks for writing this to
The Founder, :{Per}:LouK
One of the Leaders, :{Per}:R3V1S0R