You can personalize your appearance in the game, using these cvars in your cfg, or in console :

Funblue item - To customize blue team character
Funred item - To customize red team character
Funfree item - To customize the character in team free game modes (FFA, LMS, Jump) This uses only the red funstuff.

There are new cvars for turning funstuff on and off for both the client and the server.
g_allowFunstuff 0/1 turns funstuff off and on for the server
cg_showFunstuff 0/1 turns funstuff off and on for the client

For example, for Tom on the blue team funblue ninja, goggles, spikeypp will change his appearance; he will have punk hairs, a ninja mask and goggles.

You can test your appearance using the mirror of the map Dressing Room.
Image Name Characters With Helmet